About us

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Estonian Volunteer Rescue Association


Who we are


Estonian Volunteer Rescue Association is a non-profit organisation established in order to unite different voluntary rescue organisations and represent, execute and protect their interests. Today the Association has 107 member organisations, which represent 94 voluntary fire squads and 31sea rescue teams. Through legal entities it unites almost 3000 people. The map of the voluntary fire squads of the members is HERE and of the sea rescue teams HERE.


Fields of activity


  • Gathering information of organistions of voluntary rescue, about their contact persons, skills and equipment

– for the Association

– for the members of the Association

– for the Ministry of Inferior and for the state departments


  • Initiating working groups for different fields of rescue (in addition to the fire rescue also safeguard, rope, technical, sea and ohter fields of rescue) in order to guarantee better representation of their interests with the help of the Association


  • Representing common interests of members

– on the legislator level (parlament)

– on the level of Ministries

– on the level of the Rescue Department, the Police and Boarder Guard Department and ohter departments


  • Finding additional sources of finance

– finding support from European grants and funds, negotiating and preparing documents on behalf of the members

– elaboration of Principes of operating grants in cooperation with the Ministry of Inferior and different state departments

– finding financing for operating the Association


  • Creating a common IT-solution

– web-pages (every association has its own, but with the same logic – history, contacts, member, skills equipment, pictures etc.)

– common e-mail system with the same paasteliit.ee extension

– system of internal info: quick Exchange of info, buy-sell-exchange, successful grant/support applications, legal and technical recommendations and tips.


  • Creating a database of common and favorable procurement of insurance, equipment, conclusion of special agreements for members, creating a respective internet-system


  • Creating a training system for the members of the Association


  • Developing work with youth and children, fire sport


  • Developing and sustaining voluntary rescue culture

– reestablishing of brass bands

– reestablishing of song societies

– continuing archiving of the history of the voluntary rescue


  • Creating the corporate visual identity of the Association and its members

– logos

– shields

– flags

– uniform


  • Supporting and consulting of establishment of new volunteer rescue squads

– legal help (documentation), accounting

– technical consultation

– help with procurement of equipment

– establishing contacts with neighboring associations

– establishing contacts with the local rescue authority


  • Drawing up a vision document for voluntary rescue in cooperation with the Rescue Department and the Ministry of Inferior




Estonian Volunteer Rescue Association

e-mail: info (at) paasteliit.ee

Sirge tn 2, 10618 Tallinn



Kaido Taberlend – Chairman of the Board (managing director)

kaido (at) paasteliit.ee, +372 5 227 987


Tiit Kuuskmäe – Chairman of the Board

(Think tank AMFF)

tiit.kuuskmae (at) gmail.com, +372 56456808


Rait Killandi – Chairman of the Council, North-Estonia

(Kaberneeme Voluntary Rescue and sea SAR)

rait.killandi (at) eesti.ee, +372 50 666 97


Toomas Sillamaa – Member of the Council, East-Estonia

(Vajangu Rescue Association)

toomassillamaa (at) gmail.com, +372 5 226 987


Taavi Aasma – Member of the Council

(Voluntary Reserve RescueGroup)

taavi.aasma(at)rpr.ee, +372 56 83 1221


Andrus Kütt – Member of the Council, SAR

(Purtse Voluntary Rescue, Purtse Voluntary Sea Rescue)

andruskytt (at) gmail.com, +372 5193 4476


Toomas Roolaid – Member of the Council, Tallinn

(Think tank AMFF)

toomas.roolaid(at)paasteliit.ee, +372 5 110 183


TOOMAS HENK – Member of the Council, Tallinn
TAUNO TÄHE – Member of the Council, West-Estonia
JAANUS VALK – Member of the Council, West-Estonia